As coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, we are encouraging participants to make safe choices in their travel plans. If you are not able, or do not feel comfortable attending A Day For Jake at a resort, get outside however you can. A Day For Jake is about honoring Jake Burton Carpenter’s legacy by coming together as a snowboarding community. Whether that is in person, or digitally we can all participate in our own way. Go powsurfing, splitboarding or hiking; take a walk with your friends or family, or, just go about your day with Jake in mind. Whatever you do, draw your own version of the JAKE symbol, wear your armband and post some content using the hashtag #RideOnJake.


As snowboarders, we value creativity. So whether you are riding at one of the participating resorts or just taking some runs at your local hill with a bunch of friends, here are a few ways to do-it-yourself, make it your own and honor Jake.

Create Your Own Symbol

Jake empowered us to take snowboarding and make it our own - and that's exactly what this symbol should do. This isn't a "logo" - It's a starting point. If you know snowboarding, you know Jake. And there's no better symbol for this day than J-A-K-E.

  • The circle embraces "Jake" and represents the unity and bond we all share as snowboarders.
  • The "A" as a triangle symbolizes a mountain, as well as an arrow optimistically pointing upward. Draw your own J-A-K-E.
Jake symbol pattern example.
Multiple Jake symbol patterns example 1.
Multiple Jake symbol patterns example 2.

Make An Armband

Make your own armband from an old t-shirt to honor Jake while you ride. It's not about perfection, it's about making it your own.

Step 1. Find a t-shirt you don't mind cutting up.
Step 2. Cut the sleeve off.
Step 3. Design your own JAKE symbol.

Share Your Ride

Post your symbol, armband, or photos from your ride day on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtags #RideOnJake

Pick it Up

Sometimes you gotta ask for help. Not feeling crafty? Call or stop into your local Burton store to pick up your armband and sticker.