Frequently Asked Questions

Wait, I can ride for free?

Yes! The 13 resorts listed on the main page were gracious enough to offer free lift tickets on March 13, 2020 to those people who register ahead of time. This is in honor of Jake Burton Carpenter, who spent so much time working with resorts to open their lifts to snowboarders. Register here.

What do I need to do ahead of time?

  • If you plan on riding at one of the 13 resorts offering free lift tickets, make sure you register by March 8, 2020 at 11:59PM EST to secure your spot. Register here.
  • If you plan on going to your local mountain and its outside of the 13 listed, stop by a Burton store to pick up the A Day For Jake Promo items.
  • If you plan on going to your local mountain outside of the 13 listed but don’t live near a burton store, check out our DIY page to see how you can create your own armbands and get out there to ride for Jake. More information here.

Where’s my resort? It isn’t listed on the resorts list!

If you are not able to visit one of the 13 resorts offering free lift tickets, don’t worry. This day is to get out and ride in honor of Jake, no matter where you are. Get your board and your friends, make armbands and get out to ride, splitboard or hike! More information here.

What do I need to know after registering?

Once you hit the register now button, you will receive an email confirmation. Bring this confirmation to the resort you registered for. Some resorts may have further instructions and will follow up before the event.

I can’t register for one of the resorts on the list!

For mountain capacity and safety reasons, resorts have a cap on the amount of people that can register for the day. Once that capacity is reached, no additional free tickets will be available. We still encourage you to make or pick up an armband and get out and ride anywhere you can! More information here.

What do I need to do on the day of?

  • Head to the resort you pre-registered at for those riding at one of the 13 participating resorts. Remember, you can’t show up without registering and expect a free ticket.
  • Bring your email confirmation with you and/or follow any other instructions provided to you by the resort.
  • Wear your arm band to show you’re riding for Jake. (See next question on how to get one or make one)
  • Look for or organize a group ride in honor of Jake.
  • Share photos of you and your crew riding for Jake using #RideOnJake.

Where can I get the event promo - armband and sticker pack?

  • On March 13th 2020 when you show up at one of the 13 participating resorts with your registration confirmation. Register here.
  • Between now and March 12th at any Burton Store. All Burton-owned retail stores will be closed on March 13th so that the employees can get out and ride in honor of Jake.
  • Make your own! More information here.

There’s no snow where I am! How can I participate?

Whether you’re in the Southern Hemisphere or winter has not delivered the goods, this day is to get outdoors in honor of Jake, no matter where you are. So, grab some friends, make some armbands and go for a hike. Check with your local resorts, brands and Burton flagship stores for organized group hikes. More information here.

I have a season pass to one of the 13 resorts offering free lift tickets; do I still need to register to participate in the day?

Yes! In order to reserve your promo armband and sticker pack, you will need to register for A Day For Jake. When prompted on the registration form, choose I will be using a season’s pass on March 13 2020.

I am a brand or resort; how can I get involved?

Jake had such a profound impact on the entire outdoor industry. We are calling for the participation of any and all brands, resorts and individuals who want to get involved. Here is how:

  • Close your doors on March 13th and encourage your employees to get out and ride for Jake
  • Give those employees who want to ride the day off to get out there.
  • Promote the event on your company’s website, social channels or stores. email us to receive the official event marketing assets.
  • Make a donation to Chill, an organization close to Jake’s heart that inspires youth to overcome challenges through boardsports. To learn more or to donate, please visit: The Chill Foundation.

This is great, who is behind A Day For Jake?

Jake worked so hard to bring snowboarding to where it is today. A Day for Jake is a collaborative effort being brought to life by many outdoor brands and resorts. We wanted this day to be completely dedicated to the community aspect that Jake brought to the snowboarding world. No brands, no names, no resorts, just snowboarding .

If your question is not answered by reading the previous FAQs, EMAIL US, or call:

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